Delivering an integrated solution at Economic Cities Authority


CIT currently delivers a fully integrated FM service to ECA, aiming to improve the operational efficiency across their estate and help to ensure that their customers receive a genuine leisure experience.

What we did

Introduction of lean cleaning system

Our Clean Environments team introduced our highly specialised lean cleaning system which provides for a more efficient approach to cleaning that had a direct impact on the ECA estate. Examples of the lean cleaning system include:

String mops & buckets vs Rubbermaid pulse mops

Traditionally, string mops and buckets filled with warm/hot water together with a chemical detergent were used to clean hard floor surfaces on both sites. This necessitated the use of chemicals that immediately contaminated the water, as well as using energy consumption to heat the water in the first instance. Time was expended by the cleaning operators who had frequently emptied buckets of dirty contaminated water and refill them with more hot water and chemical detergent. First use of the water in the bucket also meant that thereafter dirty water was placed on the floor with each application until the water was changed.

CIT Lean Cleaning introduced the use of ‘Rubbermaid pulse mop’ that utilises microfibre technology; this generally only requires water to provide effective cleaning, thereby eliminating the need for chemical detergents. Additionally, the ‘pulse mop’ has an integrated water reservoir that means only clean water is ever applied to the floor – significantly reducing the time expended on refilling and the amount of water used.

Reach and wash systems

After conducting a risk assessment, our lean team from our risk and standards department replaced current cleaning practices of using scissor lifts for cleaning of façade and external signs with the innovative reach and wash systems. Not only did this increase productivity, it as well completely eliminated risks from work at height.

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