Smart audits is our unique auditing app, developed in-house to offer our clients bespoke audits, per location, region or across their entire portfolio.

Turn insight into action with Smart Audits

All managerial, quality monitoring and tasks will be continued to be monitored through Smart Audit. In an effort to move auditing from a paper based tick box exercise to a proactive value add activity, Smart Audit offers a solution using tablets equipped with GPRS Technology to provide a valuable tool that can drive and monitor service enhancement.

We designed Smart audits to enable our clients to use data to establish trends, both good and bad that are occurring across their work environment. It is completely flexible, web-based tool that can be used on any internet enabled device.

With Smart audits, clients can look at specific consistency issues and measure in real-time performance against the specification.

Audits can be carried out by either our operators or the client’s team, and the results are sent instantly to all relevant parties. Any non-conformances are raised automatically to ensure that any problems or issues are quickly resolved.

Smart audits gives our clients a simple way to work smarter and ensure their targets are always achieved.