Sustainability is about so much more than energy saving light bulbs. It’s about ensuring our future through responsible behaviours and doing the right thing, such as creating an inclusive workplace that attracts and retains talent, embedding our values into our supply chain, and yes, reducing our carbon footprint.

Doing the right thing

Sustainability underpins everything we do at CIT, our business incorporates our sustainability agenda into the way it operates every day. We realise that having satisfied clients, employees who are engaged, safe and respected, a community that recognises our contribution to society, minimum impact on the environment and an aligned supply chain is fundamental to our success.

Our culture is about ‘doing the right thing’, supporting each other and being a positive force in our local communities. This approach is enabled by rigorous policies in areas such as health and safety and diversity, together with a commitment to reducing the impact of our operations and helping our clients achieve their own environmental targets. Sustainable development lies at the core of CIT’s operations, delivering significant business benefits whilst protecting resources and improving the quality of life for both current and future generations. This view is backed by our commitment to include the principles of sustainability into business strategies and processes at a high level and incorporated it into our culture. This approach is ingrained in the way we do everything.

Sustainability Policy