Reverse circulation drilling is one of the most prominent drilling disciplines used by CIT.
This type of drilling is used mainly in exploration projects and in grade control drilling in mines.

Reverse Circulation & RAB

CIT’s drill rigs are designed to drill in order to generate the highest quality samples for the client, by applying best industry practices and having strict sampling procedures that fit the requirements of each respective project.

CIT also provide rotary blast drilling (RAB)
Drilling which is mainly required in the early stage of exploration project.


CIT has an uncompromising commitment to the safety of our employees, as all employees are required to abide by the life saving rules, not to mention full understand the various risks and hazards that come along with every individual task.

Frequent training programs and very strict compliance to operations standards is in place to maximise safety performance.

CIT has 579,712 LTI free working hours in its drilling operations up to December 31st 2019.