Our history

Our origins

CIT stands for ‘Canadian International Trading. When we started we solely provided drilling and exploration services, becoming the first local drilling & exploration contractor. We then diversified our services to provide total mining, infrastrucutre and construction services. We have now established ourselves in the outsourcing industry, becoming a market leader for FM services and a pioneer in empowering our people with technology.

Our our timelines, at a glance

1993-CIT Established by Ahmed Gulaid

1994-Won a major drilling & exploration contract with Ma’aden Gold

1999-Opened a cleaning division that specialises in air and kitchen duct cleaning

2007-Established a construction division

2009-Gulaid Gulaid joins the group and is appointed as the companies Managing Director

2012-Naser Gulaid joins the company as the group Chief Financial Officer

2013-Won a mining contract with Ma’aden Aluminum for its Al-Baitha mine

2014-Strategic outsourcing division is established

2016-Won a contract for the provision of municipal cleaning services at King Abdullah Economic City

2017-Won a major contract for providing integrated facility management services for Ma’aden Gold

2017-Nuh Gulaid joins the company as the Chief Executive Officer for the construction division