CIT has a high level maintenance structure which includes various personnel with major equipment dealership experience, which provides experience of the best maintenance practices in the industry.


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Maintenance is focused categorised into three areas:

  • Workshop
  • Field Services
  • Planning

The centralised workshop handles the major and minor repairs as well as the preventive maintenance works.

Field services entail field repairs, and diagnosing of the equipment in the working area.

Planning is the section of maintenance which plans all the scheduled, predictive, and preventive maintenance works and/or repairs.

List of Equipment

Equipment Brand Type Quantity
Surface core rig Eprioc Boyles C5C 3
Boart Longyear LF90 6
Underground core rig Sandvik DE130 2
RC rig Foremost MPD 5
Atlascopco AQUA 1
RAB rig Caterpillar RAB 1