CIT is continuously evolving its techniques for traditional exploration and looking for new innovative mining methods. Depending on the preferred production mining methods, CIT will tailor the fragmentation, loading, haulage and the auxiliary operations.

Municipality Services

Our integrated services are delivered as IFM contracts, in bundles or as single services, depending on client requirements.

What sets us apart is our ability to create efficiencies for our clients in different, innovative and often ground-breaking ways.

CIT a trusted partner creating exceptional environments for our customers and people, adding value every day.

CIT Secured contract with NEOM for Municipality Services. The project scope is Integrated waste management & facility management that consist of the following services.

▪ Waste collection operation and maintenance
▪ Landfill management
▪ Legacy waste collection
▪ Graffiti removal
▪ City street cleaning & maintenance
▪ Animal & Pest control management
▪ Landscape and Hardscape